The Out-Patient Program

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Live, We Can Work With You

The Out-Patient Program is a 30 day program that offers the same science underlying the medical model, you just do it from home. You do a phone treatment strategy consultation with Ms. Mason and take the tests she requires, then she creates a Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT).

We then order and send you comprehensive Detox & Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration (OBR) Nutritional Support package and provide continued support and instruction. Laboratory tests, supplements, our clinic’s recipe book of meals and juices for detoxification, program materials, the Tele-seminar ‘How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric & Illegal Drugs & Alcohol’ which consists of 12 one hour powerpoint classes by Ms. Mason, a preferred vendors guide, strategically timed meetings with Ms. Mason, and complimentary therapy guidance are all included in the Out-Patient Comprehensive Program.

At the end of your 30 day program, you will be provided a second TNT which reflects the radical transformation to health you have achieved and focuses on continued healing of the damage to the various critical organs. All organs renew themselves in the right environment, with the right nutrients available. There are always areas of serious damage that take a little longer to heal such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid function, brain and nervous system damage, fatty liver (occurs in people on psych drugs as well), and the GI.

Our goal is Total Body & Mind Wellness so you are not only dependent on legal / illegal drugs and/or alcohol anymore but can actually enjoy maximum mental health and energy to enjoy your new life and live it in the capacity you were born to experience it.

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