Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT)

Targeted Nutritional Therapy is the science of using laboratory testing combined with subjective analysis to obtain a clear understanding of what is malfunctioning “underneath the hood”. These malfunctions will always lead to a condition expressing physical or mental discomfort and ultimately disease.

The malfunctions, meaning sluggish or overactive organ function, communication between cells, and biochemical processes required for fulfillment of what the body and mind needs to maintain homeostasis or “health” are a result of either environmental toxic exposures (GMOs, lead, Chemtrails, pesticides, etc), excess/deficiency in diet, lifestyle, legal / illegal drugs, food, cigarettes and alcohol, or chronic stress. Most of the time in today’s world, it is a combination of a few of these.

All of these assaults result in nutritional deficiencies because it requires vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, amino acids, and enzymes to metabolize them. As the nutritional deficiencies become more and more severe, symptoms develop. This is a sign that your metabolism is seriously struggling and that sufficient oxygen and nutrients are not getting to the various organs and bioaccumulation of toxic load is developing. If the condition is not addressed at this stage and left to develop, it will result in disease due to organ damage.

The human body’s baseline biochemical operations or “divine design” is clearly understood. Science knows how things are supposed to work. So laboratory testing gives a well-trained healthcare provider the means to provide the necessary nutritional strategies to get the biochemical processes working as they were designed to again. However, it is paramount to understand that you must also identify the involuntary toxic exposures such as lead, Chemtrails, fluoride, etc. and eliminate them as well as discontinue the voluntary ones such as GMO foods, alcohol, sugar, coffee, etc.

Every biochemical process needs a certain amount of nutrients available at all times to complete the sequence of events it has been trained to do through eons of evolution; the relationship between the physical body and planet earth created so that you could survive on the planet.

To serve this fundamental process of survival, your first targeted nutritional strategy should be practicing a healthy, preferably or mostly, plant-based organic diet. Grains should be kept to a minimum and only organic gluten-free ones when consumed. This option always works for a long, healthy life before symptoms develop, and many times even after they have developed. However, depending on the severity of symptoms you may want to consider oral or intravenous IV nutritional therapy.

Before going off to the health food store that sells mostly junk vitamins (95% of them are petroleum based), you want to find a competent healthcare provider to target-test you (meaning he/she knows where to look for the problem) and in addition have a full metabolic functional and toxic exposure analysis done. The first test provides information about your vitamin / mineral status, methylation performance, superficial toxic exposure (I prefer more comprehensive ones), presence of yeast and bacterial dysbiosis, and krebs / energy cycle (mitochondrial function). The second obviously tests for toxic exposure to heavy metals, which is becoming more and more a problem today. A full standard Comprehensive Blood Count (CBC) is in order as well as adrenal and thyroid function, which can be added to the CBC. With this information we can establish an evidence-based supplemental, targeted nutritional therapy.

It is extremely important that you use only GMO-free, organic, superfood (concentrated organic food-based supplements and powders) of which none contain any binders or fillers.

We didn’t evolve on this planet eating one thing all day, day after day, so that should be evidence enough that taking a petroleum based product representing only one of the hundreds of nutrients you need daily is going to result in a healing event. It’s a waste of money in my opinion and could result in you continuing down the disease path.

I’m not a big fan of capsules either. Ever have one get moist on your countertop? That’s pretty much what the scene is in your gut lining. They are like glue. In patients that have a history of taking a lot of supplements, I have seen strings of the it come out during colon hydrotherapy while they were detoxing. People have enough problems with malabsorption and mucoid plaque in the GI, don’t add to it by taking cellulose capsules. We’re not herbivores, we don’t produce the enzyme cellulase required to break it down.

This strategy is the best available to repair and re-establish healthy biochemical and metabolic processes required for your physical and mental health.

Nutritional Intravenous (NIV) Therapy

Intravenous targeted nutritional therapy provides nutrition directly the cells and tissues, bypassing intestinal malabsorption, bacterial dysbiosis, and other digestive disorders.
Celiac disease, bacterial dysbiosis, toxic gut syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), poor pancreatic function (low digestive enzymes) and malabsorption are just a few of the epidemic GI conditions people suffer today. When resources are available, I always suggest that people in a healing crisis include NIV therapy in their healing strategy to quickly engage the healing process, while they follow their healthcare provider’s instructions for repairing the gut to maximize the absorption of the food and supplements they are taking.

Unfortunately we live in a very toxic world today, and because of that we need more nutrients to clear those toxins, yet are getting fewer than those 100 years ago did who needed them less. Because of this fact, I do suggest that even non-symptomatic people practice a maintenance supplemental program of antioxidants, select superfoods to hit all the nutritional needs daily, colostrum for gut and immune health, and a robust vitamin B and CoQ10 daily.

In service we shine,

Genita M. Mason
Medical Director, The Biosanctuary
Fractal Environmentalist

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