Survival Medicine Certification 7 Day Workshop

Learn How to Take Care of Your Family While You Experience Our Award Winning Bio-Detoxification & Revitalization Medicine Program

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Call It What You Want To, But We Are In and Heading Into Even Tougher Times

  • Medical Neglect by Our Own Medical System
  • The 6th Extinction
  • The Rapture
  • Forced Vaccinations Killing Hundreds of Thousands
  • Biological Warfare
  • Economic Collapse
  • The Third World War – Isis Invasion
  • ET’s Showing Up Causing Widespread Panic- Bulgarian Government & The Vatican Agree Aliens Are Here
  • Only Those That Know How To Take Care Of Their Own Medical Needs Dictated By A Toxic and Dangerous Environment Will Survive

    Award winning Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C. lecturing and our nurse providing a Major Autohemotherapy Treatment on a patient.

    Why Everyone Should Know How to Administer Biological Medicine

  • Insurance does not cover biological medicine which is the only medicine that heals and that is effective against the root causes of today’s epidemic diseases such as mental illness, cancer, autoimmune, and degenerative diseases while also providing all the tools you need to detox Biotoxins, Radiation, Food Chemicals, Plastics, and Chemtrails.
  • We ARE IN BIOLOGICAL WARFARE – the water you drink, the food you eat, the medicine you take and the air you breath is being poisoned! You need to know how to avoid the routes of exposure and how to clear them if you are already infected!
  • You have to get run over by a truck to get treatment worth your healthcare deductable and it’s really the only time you would want to be in a hospital.

    Antibiotics don’t work; they harm your health and destroy the immune system you need to get through whats ahead us on this planet given the current path we’re on.

  • The fact is, if you start treating most anything in time, you can cure it if you know how.

  • You can’t learn this medicine in schools, they don’t want you to know about it- NOT EVEN NATUROPATHIC SCHOOLS – they are provided grants by supplement companies that are mostly owned by big pharma now, ergo; the Illuminati ~ therefor they dictate the education at these schools as much as big pharma dictates the education at Allopathic Schools.

  • Supplements will not help you with the unknown bacteria being unleashed and killing people today
    Biological Medicine is effective for unknown bacteria, cancer, flu, degenerative disease, autoimmune disease, food poisoning, diabetes, neuropathy, addiction, mental health disorders – everything that is caused by the toxic planet you live on, toxic diet you consume, toxic water you shower in as well as genetic predispositions to certain health issues you may have.

  • This is a short list of applications – The actual list is too long for this announcement!
  • What You Will Learn While Experience a 7 Day High Impact Biological Medicine Treatment Cycle

    Genita M. Mason lecturing while clients receive NAD and Ozone IVs

    Oxidative Medical Treatments – The Crown Jewel of Biological Medicine

  • How to Give Intravenous Nutrition and Ozone Treatments
  • Ozone Therapies: Major Autohemotherapy, Rectal & Vaginal Insufflations, Ozone Water, Ozone Oil
  • Master Mineral Supplement (Sodium Dioxide) Treatments – when and how to use each method
  • Ozone / Infrared Saunas
  • Antioxidant Therapies / Hi Dose Vitamin C Drips & Glutathione Pushes – Where to buy pure Vitamin C crystals and how to prepare powdered C for slow drip IVs
  • Nutritional Medicine – Injection and IV Formulas

  • How to prepare Vitamin C formulas for IV use at home and which Vitamin C to use – you do not want to use GMO sources of any vitamin!
  • Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid IV Therapies – Formulas
  • How to set up and administer an IV – arm or hand
  • How and where to give shots and what to put in them
  • How to Make Affordable High Dose Liposomal C and Glutathione Treatments (15 to 25 grams a day is what you need to fight off disease, pneumonia, and boost the immune system during stressful times- that would cost 1,000.00 a day on the market!)
  • Ozone and Medical Equipment

    Full list of equipment (oxygen tanks, ozone generators, ozone gear required, catheters, syringes, bio medicines, etc.) and other medical supplies needed for every home and where to get them.
    All formulas for ozone, nebulizers, IV’s, shots, liposomal treatments, etc…

    Laboratory Tests

    How to Get the Tests You Want or Require w/o a Doctor

    Everything You Need to Know About Diet & The Staples Everyone Should Have at Home

  • How To Make Fermented Foods
  • How To Make Traditional Bone Broth
  • Stocking Medicinal Foods
  • Water Filters – Non Potable Rated – How to filter and treat “dead” water for correct and maximum mineral content
  • Juicers, Ultrasound Cleaners, Blenders, etc.
  • Introduction to Organic Small Scale Farming
  • Treatments You Will Receive While Participating In This 7 Day Workshop

    All Invasive Treatments are Prescribed by a Doctor & Administered by a Nurse

  • 5 Ozone / Infrared Saunas
  • 3 Major Ozone Auto-Hemotherapies
  • 3 Colon Therapies
  • 1 High Dose Vitamin C Drip
  • 2 IV Nutritional Therapies- Myers’ Cocktail
  • Liposomal C & Glutathione- 15 grams daily
  • 5 Nebulized Glutathione
  • 1 Intramuscular B / Mag shots
  • 2 Ionic Foot Spas
  • 5 Cold Laser Therapies
  • 1 Month of Prescribed Nutritional Supplements
  • Daily Organic Smoothies, Fermented Foods, Juices & Bone Broth
  • Individual Medical Nutritional Consultation
  • Would You Like Us To Set Up a Fully Functional Clinic and Provide The Workshop Where You Live?

    Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E. setting up a clinic in Melbourne, Australia

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