The Science of Weight Loss

Rebuilding the Microbiome
Correcting Metabolic Syndrome
Healing Biotoxin Illness & The Gut

CLICK HERE to listen to the Medical Director of Total Immersion Ecoclinic & Retreats, and author of The Science of Weight Loss, Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E. discuss with Host Debra Lynn Dadd, on Toxic Free Talk Radio the metabolic disorders that cause weight to be easily gained and near impossible to lose despite diet and exercise. Learn what is really causing today’s epidemic weight issues!

Stop Following FAD (Fat and Disease) Promoting Diets Full of GMO’s, Pesticides, Obesogens, Endocrine Disruptors, Chemicals, Biotoxins, Carcinogens & Neurotoxins & LEARN What is Causing Today’s Epidemic Health Issues That Are The Root Cause of Today’s Weight Problems!

Being Overweight Is An “At Risk” Medical Health Issue & Should Be Addressed With An Evidence-Based Biological Medicine Treatment

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The Science of Weight Loss covers the modern day causes of gaining excess weight and not being able to lose it regardless of diet and exercise.

In todays world there are numerous toxic exposures in our food system and environment along with denatured processed foods that do more harm that good and are damaging the Gut. Many of the toxins people are exposed to are endocrine disruptors that now have a name: obesogens. Obesogens are hormone-like chemicals that literally instruct the body to gain weight.

The premise of The Science of Weight Loss is to look at weight issues, not as a pound for pound issue, but a medical issue and to heal the damage that food chemicals, incorrect diet and environmental toxic exposures have done to the upper and lower intestines. It also teaches the reader how to remove the harmful bacteria in their gut and replace it with a diverse rainforest of beneficial bacteria that serves the immune system, energy, weight loss, excellent digestion and production of vitamins that serve all those processes. Also, many people with weight issues have mild to serious cases of Biotoxin illness which is the end result of years of bioaccumulation of food and environmental toxins that put the body into a metabolic syndrome.

Inflammation being the hallmark of Biotoxin Illness and excessive exposure to denatured, processed and chemically adulterated food, is explained extensively in The Science of Weight Loss. Endotoxins are produced in a toxic colon that go into the blood and trigger the inflammation response causing leptin and insulin resistance. This is not only the foundation for uncontrollable weight issues and false hunger but also many diseases beyond those of the gut such as IBS, Crohn’s, diverticulitus, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, Gut Dysbiosis and Toxic Gut Syndrome associated with many mental health issues via the Gut / Brain axis.

The four key causes of today’s epidemic obesity and overweight issues are peeled away like an onion in The Science of Weight Loss and then a corrective strategy is provided which includes optional laboratory testing, targeted nutritional supplementation (protocol is provided in the book), a three phase organic diet based on the common layers of GAP, FODMAP, and SIBO diets, and a detailed day to day fermented food ingestion time table for rebuilding the microbiome. Candida, fungus, bacteria dysbiosis and mycotoxicity (mold) are also covered as an add on to the foundational program so the participant in the program is ready to act when their labs come back reporting their specific gut health issues.

The four healing strategies provided for beyond excellent Gut Health are explained and the addressed in the program and food and supplemental nutritional protocols.

DETOXIFICATION: The participant is guided through an award winning clinical detoxification program focused on cleansing the gut and eliminating inflammation. Eliminating harmful bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold are addressed.

REBUILDING THE MICROBIOME: The participant is educated as to the importance of the Microbiome and is guided through dietary and supplemental strategies to populate the gut with a diverse and robust variety of healthy bacteria which serves the healing process and quickly serves excellent digestion.

CORRECTING METABOLIC SYNDROME: Endotoxins such as the hallmark one for weight gain, lipopolysaccharides are released from a toxic colon and cause distress on the neuroendocrine system causing hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, physical and mental fatigue, pancreatic dysfunction among many other conditions – eliminating lipopolysaccharides will by default help bring hormones into balance and “tune in” the neuroendocrine system for optimal functioning. Not only do these endotoxins negatively directly affect the neuroendocrine system but they also do it through causing inflammation in the brain which disrupts the delicate communication systems between the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid and adrenals known as the HPAP axis. This condition throws the entire neuroendocrine system out of balance with no hope of real correction with drugs or diet. Lipopolysaccharides are the number one progenitor of leptin and insulin resistance.

HEALING BIOTOXIN ILLNESS & THE GUT: Biotoxin Illness, such as mycotoxicity, (endotoxicity) (lipopolysaccharides) is common among those with weight issues and is many times the cause of their excess weight. While the program addresses Biotoxin Illness for the general population because most anyone on a SAD (standard American diet) and who doesn’t pay attention to their toxic exposures has body burden (bioaccumulation of toxins), a specific weight loss designed version of Dr. Shoemaker’s Biotoxin Protocol is provided in the book for those that find in their labs that they are suffering from this condition. The difference between the two populations is those with serious gut symptoms, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other distressing symptoms sometimes related to the gut and sometimes anywhere else in the body are considered diagnosable with a “disease” The rest of the population is non-symptomatic but overweight and “just getting by” usually with brain fog and mental / physical fatigue.

The Science of Weight Loss is an educational journey through your gut and what is making you gain weight and why it is difficult if not impossible to lose. The program will not only cause dramatic weight loss and excellent health but it will add years to your life and create a quality of life beyond what you could imagine.

Following these 4 strategies, you will not only achieve your weight goals but you will experience ecstatic health, a quality life, longevity and never have to diet again. You will be healed!

Totally Immerse Yourself in a Health Retreat & EcoClinic That Provides The Best of High Impact Biological Medicine In Nature’s Healing Sanctuary For The Specific Purpose of Completing the 4 Strategies in The Science of Weight Loss
Call or email us with your health goals and challenges. We will be happy to provide you a personalized treatment strategy that demonstrates how our Biological Medicine Model can help steer you back back to the Divine Design that awakens when you align yourself with the universal laws of nature that defines the science of medicine and naturally healthy weight!

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The Science of Weight Loss High Impact Biological Medicine Treatments Included in Every 10 Day Retreat
• Laboratory Tests: CBC (Complete Blood Count) measures metabolic function. Toxic Metals Screen & Organix (Metabolic Analysis Profile) tests key factors for addictive biochemistry – checks for environmental pollutants, neurotransmitter metabolism, Candida / fungal infection, bacterial dysbiosis, gut health, oxidative stress, toxicity levels, methylation co-factor markers, carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, Krebs/energy production, organic acids profile (and a few others)
• A CORE Detox & Orthomolecular GUT & Biochemistry Restoration individualized detoxification and chelation program protocol. This is provided at the beginning of your program. If lab results are not in by the time you start, we will start you on the foundational protocol plus considerations for what you are coming in for and then update it when your test results arrive
• Corrective Analysis of Laboratory Tests w/ Targeted Nutritional and Adjuvant Therapies recommended
• Targeted Nutritional Therapy Protocol (Organic Oral Nutritional Supplements & IVs)
• Major Ozone Auto-Hemotherapy upon request as an add on to the standard program
• Yoga every morning
• Live Blood Cell Analysis
• 5 Ozone Therapies- modalities depends on what you need to most to obtain ecstatic health!
• 10 Ozone / Infra Saunas.
• 2 Parental (intravenous) Nutritional IV’s
• 5 Colon Hydrotherapies followed by probiotic inserts
• 2 Massages
• Intramuscular Vitamin, B & C, Magnesium and Trace Mineral Shots
• Cold Laser Therapy
• Cranial Electrical Stimulation
• 5 Ionic Detox Foot Baths
• Organic BioMito Smoothies, Ample amounts of Probiotics and Probiotic / Prebiotic Foods, Organic Green Juices, Wellness Shots and Bone Broth designed to clear bacteria, fungus and yeast; inflammation and other known conditions which set off the biochemical pathway for gaining weight regardless of diet and exercise
• Two Lectures by Genita M. Mason on what is depriving people of their health today in the toxic environment we live in and how to heal and protect yourself.
• Program and Educational Materials- recipe books for detox and healing all GI / Brain Axis issues

While You Are Having The Time of Your Life, Our High Impact Biological Medical Model is Addressing These Conditions with ONE TREATMENT MODEL
• Rapid Healthy Weight Loss
• Detoxification of “Body Burden”; The Bioaccumulation of the Sum Total of Chemically Adulterated and Processed Food & Drink, Toxic Hygiene Products, Environmental, Self Administered & Internally Produced Toxins.
• Rebuilding the Gastrointestinal Tract’s Microbiome
• Feeding the mitochondria (improves health of all organs through providing those supplements required for optimum mitochondria function- the mitochondria is the energy producer of every cell in your body!)
• Liver, kidney, skin, & lymph detox support & health renewal
• Improved oxygen to the brain
• Radiation detox and protection
• Chemtrail detox and protection
• Pesticide detox
• GMO detox
• Improving energy
• Healthy repopulation of GUT microbiotic flora
• Celiac disease
• Adrenal, thyroid and pancreatic fatigue
• Digestive malabsorption
• Sluggish liver
• Bacterial dysbiosis
• Intestinal inflammation
• Blood sugar dysregulation
• Insulin resistance
• Toxic GUT Syndrome
• Yeast, mold and fungus infections
• Diverticulitis
• Sub-optimal neuroendocrine function
• Leaky GUT Syndrome
• Improved Neurotransmitter Synthesis & Communication
• Improved neuroendocrine and hormonal health
• Resolution of bacterial dysbiosis, Candidas Albicans, mold and fungus

We Provide Comprehensive Lab Testing
Gaining weight is a metabolic disorder with underlying causes that we can identify for you. After testing, we will provide a custom Targted Nutritional Therapy for you to take while receiving treatment.
Essential tests to have done
• A full CBC with C Reactive Protein test for inflammation, and HgbA1c to determine the average amount of glucose in your blood over the last few months. It will also indicate if you are pre-diabetic.
• A Metabolic Analysis Profile from Genova Labs which is a urinary assessment of 39 key organic acids grouped according to their primary roles in the following four central areas of metabolism: gastrointestinal function, cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and amino acid/organic acid balance as influenced by vitamin/mineral cofactors, which are also measured.
• A Comprehensive Stool Analysis which is a noninvasive assessment of digestive and absorptive functions that includes digestion, absorption, bacterial balance, metabolism, inflammation, yeast and immune status for patients with nonspecific GI-related symptoms, such as indigestion, dysbiosis (microbial imbalance), constipation and diarrhea, as well as the presence of adaptable pathogens and monitoring the usefulness of therapeutic treatment of Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.
• Optional Mycotoxin Test for the three most common mold endotoxins: Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin and Trichothecenes. Mycotoxins have a strong and direct link to leptin resistance and melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) deficiency, causing weight gain and making it impossible to lose weight, regardless of diet and exercise.
4. Optional tests – if you suspect your weight issues are biotoxin exposure-related, which most cases are, then you’ll want to consider these tests: SED rate, ANA, C-reactive protein, along with lymphocyte, immunoglobulins and thyroid.

If you suspect you have been exposed to mold via the grains that grow them, other food sources or airborne in the home or work place; or, if you experienced a rapid increase in weight and have not been able to lose it, it is imperative that you test because treatments, while similar, are very specific to the resident biotoxic species.

A comprehensive corrective analysis will be provided by the Medical Director along with an individualized Targeted Nutritional Therapy (TNT) to bring your bio/neurochemistry back to “blueprint baseline biochemistry” ergo; The Divine Design providing for sustainable ecstatic health and naturally healthy weight!

You Have 4 Treatment Models to Choose From

  • Sign up for a Comprehensive Total Immersion, 10 Day High Impact Biological Medicine Treatment Retreat in the U.S., Mexico or London
  • Book an out-patient treatment cycle at our clinic in Los Angeles. Check in daily from 10am to 3pm for your series of treatments.
  • Enroll in a 30 Day Out-Patient Treatment Cycle Completed From Home
  • Health Concierge Private Care at Your Home If You Live Within 20 Miles of Hollywood, CA.

Our Founder & Treatment Director, Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C, FE Has Received Now Two Awards for Her High Impact Biological Medicine Model and the Success It Offers!
2014 American Naturopathic Medical Association’s ‘High Achievement’ Award.

2010 ‘Human Rights Award’ for the High Impact Biological Medicine “Green Body & Mind Medical Model” she developed which practices the best of Functional Medicine for a long list of today’s epidemic physical and mental diseases and metabolic disorders such as at risk weight and addiction.

Mountain View
Genita M. Mason Wins The Human Right Award for Her High Impact Green Body & Mind Biological Medical Model

How One Treatment That Addresses All Gut Health Issues, Biotoxin Illness, and The Metabolic Disorder of Unhealthy Weight Accumulation Was Developed

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., F.E. is a two time award winning Biological Medicine Health Care Practioner who for 15 years specialized in Addictive Biochemistry & Psychiatric Medication Tapers while clearing the symptoms people either self medicated or were prescribed psychotropic drugs for. Her intensive “Total Immersion” comprehensive medical model “High Impact Biological Medicine” began being used for many diseases and metabolic disorders as she witnessed more and more of her patients’ other health problems disappear while in treatment for addiction, anxiety, insomnia, depression, biopolar and schitzophrenia. She began successfully providing HIBM successfully for all gut related diseases and conditions, and as an adjuvant treatment for autoimmune disorders, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, deteriorating cerebral function and many other metabolic disorders and diseases. One byproduct she never paid much attention to was the healthy yet rapid weight loss her patients experienced while in treatment – until her athlete daughter was exposed to mold in her collegic home. She treated the chronic fatigue and vertigo symptoms successfully, thinking she had rid her of the mycotoxic infection. Leaving for Italy for a study abroad program soon after, Justine had only gained a few pounds and thought nothing of it. However, Ms. Mason soon learned that she had not cleared the infection when her daughter gained 38 pounds on a 5’3” frame within 3 months of the exposure – going from 118 to 156 – and the weight gain became unmanageable.

With her training in biological sciences and clinical experience she reviewed her HIBM model with a new focus- what did the weight gain associated with psych and illegal drugs, enviornmental toxic exposures, bacterial dysbiosis; mold & yeast infections, processed foods, and toxic gut syndrome all have in common and how could she treat the common denominator to help others who clearly did not gain their weight through irresponsible diet and sedentary lives such as her daughter. Nearly a year in research which resulted in reclaiming her daughter’s healthy weight and self image is now packaged in a treatment program that will not only deliver you to a body you can enjoy but a vibrant and healthy life.

See Table of Topics Covered in The Science of Weight Loss Below
The Science of Weight Loss (SOWL) is a Healthy Intestinal Program (HIP)

• SOWL is HIP in Three Steps
• SOWL is HIP: Three Treatment Models
• SOWL is HIP: The Results
• When Weight Issues Found My Athletic Daughter
• The Science of Weight Loss (SOWL)
• What is Fundamentally Wrong with Diets Today?
• Calorie Reduction and Burning – Calorie Reduction is no longer the solution
• Organic Food
• Pancreatic and Liver Function
• Stomach PH and the Sieve – allowing bacteria and pathogens in
• Lipid enzymes and bile salts
• Insulin Resistance
• Leptin Resistance
• The Intestines’ Natural Cleansing Wave
• Grains
• Dairy
• Body Burden
• The Contribution of Bioaccumulation of Toxins To Weight Problems
• Endotoxins
• Enterotoxins
• Exotoxins
• The Metabolic Effect of Biotoxins
• Mycotoxins: The Most Potent of All Toxins That Cause Weight Issues
• Types and Sources of Biotoxins and Inflammagens
• The Key Players
• Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)
• Cytokines
• Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) Deficiency
• Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF-TGF-beta 1)
• More Ways Toxins Cause Weight Gain and Difficulty Losing It
• Obesogens
• Sources of Excitotoxic, Neurotoxic and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
• Pesticides
• Hormones, Drugs and Antibiotics
• Artificial Sweeteners, MSG, Sugar and 2000+ Food Chemicals
• Psychiatric Drugs and Sleep Medications
• Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
• Tap Water
• Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and Parabens
• Mercury/Heavy Metals
• Mold, Yeast and Fungus
• Toxic GUT Syndrome and Weight Issues
• The Microbiome
• Your Microbiome and Weight
• The SFCAs: Butyrate, Acetate and Propionate
• More On Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)
• The Small and Large Intestines
• Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)
• What Causes SIBO?
• Preventing and Healing SIBO
• Prebiotics and Probiotics
• Probiotic Profiles and Benefits
• Prebiotics
• Natural antibacterials that kill unwanted bacteria in the digestive tract
• Understanding Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Di- and Monosaccharides and Polyols (FODMAPS)
• Sugars That Feed Bad Bacteria: Monosaccharides and Disaccharides
• Monosaccharides
• Disaccharides
• The Polysaccharides: Starch, Resistant Starch, Inulin
• Starch
• Resistant Starch
• Insoluble and Soluble Fiber
• Prebiotics – Inulin, Oligofructose and Fructo-oligosaccharides
• Organic Colostrum
• High Impact Biological Medicine Focused on the Science of Weight Loss
• Returning Your Body Ecology to the Divine Design
• Water Filters
• Portable Infrared Sauna (FIR)
• Ozone Treatments for Losing Weight
• Feeding The Mitochondria
• The Science of Weight Loss Program
• The Naturally Healthy Intestinal Program (HIP) Diet
• Intermittent nutritional ketosis
• There are three treatment models for implementing Science of Weight Loss Healthy Intestinal Program
• Science of Weight Loss Healthy Intestinal Program – Treatment Services Provided by Total Immersion Health
• Science of Weight Loss Healthy Intestinal Program Total Immersion Health Professional Services
• Comprehensive Treatment Options
• Do-It-From-Home
• SOWL is HIP Results – An exquisitely healthy GUT from top to bottom!
• The Three Phases of the Science of Weight Loss Healthy Intestinal Program
• Targeted Nutritional Therapy Protocol Products
• PHASE I ~ The SOWL is HIP CORE DETOX – Days 1 – 10
• HIP CORE DETOX Guidelines
• Adjuvant Therapies Recommended
• Phase II ~ Nutritional Ketosis ~ Starts Day 11
• SOWL is HIP PHASE III – Building a Healthy Microbiome
• Important General Lifestyle Notes
• Fat, Protein & Carbohydrate Ratios
• 6-Week Meal Planner for PHASE II
• Bonus Recipes


Complimentary Books by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H.

Food for Humans ~ Building a Healthy Microbiome Edition: “It’s a Gut Feeling”

Total Immersion Ecoclinic’s Executive Diet Designer & Chef, Justine Petralli, has released The Food for Humans – Building a Healthy Microbiome Edition which is a companion recipe book for The Science of Weight Loss Healthy Intestinal Progra. She shares the recipes for explosively delicious meals you can enjoy while healing. Bacterial dysbiosis, mycotoxicity and Biotoxin overload create ideal conditions for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and the resulting risk to cancer, addiction, every gut and bowel disorder, inflammation and even heart disease- and yes, weight issues. Total Immersion EcoClinic has reported successes in treating everything from mental health issues and anxiety to IBS and arthritis, not to mention the multitude of symptoms people are experiencing as a result of over two decades of GMO’s damaging the guts of those that don’t know better than to stay away from them. We have now released the much anticipated Healthy Microbiome version of our collection of detox and healing recipes we use at Total Immersion Ecoclinic. Use your gut feeling, and reward yourself with a flavor extravaganza while you heal and detox. $29.95

Food for Humans

Total Immersion Ecoclinic & Retreat’s book of recipes for clinical detox and healing including juices for chelation, liver detox, arthritis (many more) and instruction on how to Green your kitchen! $24.95

Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure

The biochemical solution to alcohol addiction. Never crave alcohol again and live life free from addiction while healing the damage from alcohol addiction as well as the root cause of the symptoms that led you to self medicate! The legendary Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., Ph.D endorses Genita M. Mason’s treatments and medical model in the foreword he wrote for this groundbreaking expose of the healing strategies proven to cure addiction.$32.95


Genita M. Mason wins the 2010 Human Rights Award

for her Green Body & Mind Medical Model practiced at The Total Immersion EcoClinic for complete resolution of many conditions and diseases and the Gold Standard for sustainable weight loss!

Medicine or Murder?

Genita M. Mason is interviewed by the Broad Perspective Show in Los Angeles on dietary, environmental and medical toxicology and how these neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, excitotoxins, carcinogens, and toxins that cause reproductive disorders negatively impact our mental and physical health.



Genita M. Mason’s interview with Vinny Eastwood in New Zealand on toxic medicine, food and environment pollutants.

Green Health Care vs. Big Pharma

Genita M. Mason’s interview at CCHR regarding the mortal dangers of psychiatric drugs and dismissing investigating and healing the root cause of today’s epidemic mental health issues.

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