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Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT) is a treatment that involves drawing a pint to a quart of blood into a closed sterile glass device specifically made for this therapy to which medical grade ozone is added. This mixture is then returned to the body in about a 30 minute reinfusion process. Major autohemotherapy is considered safe and effective. Major autohemotherapy is considered safe and effective. Over a million treatments have been used in Europe over the past several decades and demonstrated to be extremely safe and effective!

MAHT is an profoundly beneficial medical therapy. It has been used by medical doctors for nearly all diseases and metabolic disorders including biotoxin illness, inflammation, diabetes (improves oxygen delivery to limbs and brain), all degenerative diseases, autoimmune and heart disease, and has been successfully used for viral infections such as hepatitis, STDs, even the common cold; mold and yeast infections, and has been a key therapy in the remission of cancer for many individuals.

Ozone is a potent extracellular and intracellular detoxifier. The reported benefits are increased energy, mental alertness / clarity, improved circulation, sleep, concentration, energy, physical performance and general well-being, less pain in injury cases, and weight loss due to mitochondria function improvement and metabolic enhancement.

Psychiatric, Sleep and Other Medicine Tapers

Those struggling to successfully taper off of psychiatric drugs can more easily find success by quickly detoxifying the intracellular toxins that cause neurotransmitter production issues, helps to improve neurotransmitter communication and synthesis, and helps to repair damage from psychiatric drug use. The same biochemical principles apply to recreational drug users. By quickly repairing the damage and clearing the remnants of drugs, withdrawal stages are dramatically reduced in both time and discomfort.

Possibly its greatest and most recent claim to medical fame is that Dr. Rowan and his team of medical professionals took the treatment to S. Africa on an invitation from the President of Sierra De Leone and successfully cured cases of Ebola there. You can view his testimony and discussion about his experience there on

Major Autohemotherapy has produced the following benefits:
• Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells.
• Ozone stimulates increased levels of Interferon levels.
• Ozone stimulates the production of Tumor necrosis Factor.
• Ozone kills bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses.
• Ozone is antineoplastic
• Ozone makes red blood cells more elastic and flexible.
• Ozone improves mitochondrial function and efficiency
• Improves oxygen delivery to the brain and all other microcirculatory systems
• Reversal of cerebral signs of aging
Major autohemotherapy therefore is useful in treating refractory infections due to chronic lyme disease, chronic mold and fungal infections, and chronic viral infections.

It has powerful effects on wound healing and healing of injured tissues –internally and externally.

It has anti-inflammatory effects as well. It has general powerful healing effects that make it worth considering as an anti-aging therapy.
• Chronic Fatigue and CF
• Fibromyalgia
• Chemical Sensitivities
• Chronic Allergies
• LYME Disease
• Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Auto Immune Disease
• Heart and Vascular Disease
• Peripheral Artery Disease
• Dementia and Cebreal Vascular Disease
• Post Stroke
• Diabetic Circulatory Disease
• Cancer (Complementary concept in oncology)
• Asthma and COPD
• Hepatitis B and C
• Herpes simplex and herpes zoster (shingles)
• Eye Diseases especially retinopathies
• Infections (viral, bacterial, fungal)
• Low Immunity
• Acute hearing loss (vascular only)
• Tinnnitus (vascular only)

You are not a candidate for treatment if you have:
• Those with a Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (favism, acute hemolytic anemia). This is a rare condition pre-screened prior to treatment.
• Uncontrolled Hyperthyroidism
• MAHT is not indicated in leukemia

Possible Side Effects:
You may experience slight detox symptoms especially if you a have viral, bacterial or fungal component to your illness. This is usually characterized by short term fatigue, hot and cold sensations, muscle or body aches (flu like symptoms).

In the U.S. MAHT starts a 250.00 a session. We provide it at the clinic in Mexico, overseen by a our medical doctor, for 175.00 on site. We offer this therapy only to those enrolled in a 10 Day Treatment Cycle as it enhances the medical benefits beyond even what you can research on the internet!

Please watch these videos!!ozone-therapy/c1j4d
Watch the above video! Dr. Rowan, M.D. is the “grandfather” of ozone therapy in the states. He went to S. Africa and was curing Ebola patients (with other medical professional witnesses to testify) until he was asked to leave.

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C.
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