Self & Health Improvement Workshops!

Combining a Self Improvement Workshop With An Award Winning Detoxification Program

The Manifesting Me & Total Immersion High Impact Integrated Biological Medicine Health Retreat July 16th ~ 23rd

Manifest Yourself


Finding & Living Your Purpose in Life

Be The Creator You Were Born To Be!


Total Immersion Health Retreat is excited to welcome Manifesting Me’s Maria Baird, Master of Martial Arts, as she joins us for a one week exploration into your life’s purpose.

Click the links to find out more about Maria Baird and read her blog Small Changes for Life here:

This intensive workshop, which will help you focus on and achieve your highest vision of yourself, will be hosted during our 7 day Manifesting Me Detoxification Program. Baird will demonstrate how purging physical, emotional, and mental clutter can open life up in miraculous ways. By letting go, you learn to make room for the things that matter most. She will help you to develop the skills that will allow you to release fears, and old beliefs, as well as create happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of your life.

By clearing all types of clutter from your life, you are essentially adding rocket fuel to your skills as a creator and taking your manifestations to the next level!

It is crucial to align your day’s activities with what your heart desires, or you may experience a range of discomfort – in your life and in your health. Stress, depression, and anxiety are some of the many discomforts that may plague someone not living in alignment with what they really want. Baird and the Manifesting Me program will bring you into that alignment, sparking a passion that will drive your dreams home.

When working in conjunction with our award winning cleansing programs, our Manifesting Me retreat promises to be an unforgettable, life changing experience.

***** Click here for a more in-depth description of the detoxification side of your retreat, including treatment options, schedules, and other information ******

The Manifesting Me & Total Immersion Self & Health Improvment Retreat

This 7 Day Self & Health Program connects you to your heart / soul energy, leaving the world of dichotomy and physical drives behind, bringing your awareness to your spiritual nature and power center where you experience focus, peace, inspiration, and enthusiasm while you learn how to manifest yourself – your authentic self and intentions!

July 16th ~ 23rd, 2016

Workshop & Treatment Hours are from 10am – 5pm

Manifesting Me Course Outline

Day 1 The Law of Subtraction

Learn to let go of all types of clutter – physical, mental and emotional and see how releasing those distractions create a clear pathway to attraction.

Day 2 ~ Energy of self

Explore how our energy will attract or repel what we want in our lives.

Day 3 ~ Gifts of a Superhero

We will explore our powerful gifts and learn how to use each of them to our highest ability.
These gifts include our:

Day 4 ~ Habits

Identify your habits – good and bad – and begin how to make them work in our favor

Day 5 ~ Your Calling and Your Passions

How to know and follow them

Day 6 ~ If Not Now, When?

Make changes today! Let go of excuses, take action and apply all that we have learned throughout the week.

Day 7 ~ Question and Answer Session

The High Impact Biological Medicine Detox & Rejuvenation On Site Treatments

Cleansing and healing at this award winning level during the journey of your Manifesting Me retreat is a phenomenal physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritually transformative event. Prepare for an unforgettable life changing experience!

** Morning Superfood Smoothie, Organic Juice, Super Charged Mineral Water & Fermented Food Included **

Day 1 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Colonic ~ Ozone Major Autohemotherapy ~ B12 / B Complex shot

Day 2 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Meyer’s Cocktail Nutritional IV ~ Massage

Day 3 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Colonic ~ Ozone Major Autohemotherapy

Day 4 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Meyer’s Cocktail Nutritional IV ~ Detox Foot Spa ~ B12 / B Complex shot

Day 5 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Colonic ~ Ozone Major Autohemotherapy

Day 6 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Massage ~ Live Blood Cell Analysis ~ High Dose Vitamin C Drip

Day 7 ~ Ozone Infrared Sauna ~ Colonic ~ Ozone Major Autohemotherapy ~ Detox Foot Spa

PRP – Plasma rich in Platelets Cosmetic Plasma Injections ~ treatment for aging skin and wrinkles available while on site

Learn From A Master of Manifesting and Martial Arts…

Cleanse & Rejuvenate with a 2 Time Biological Medicine Award Winner! Genita M. Mason, H.H.P., N.C. ~ Body & Mind Environmentalist

me in au
Setting up a clinic in Australia

Genita M. Mason, H.H.P., N.C., Fractal Environmentalist is considered by many of her colleagues as the best in her field

award copy

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., is the author of 4 books on the topic of Environmental Toxicology & Non Toxic, Non Invasive and Non Addictive Healing, is published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and has medical and celebrity endorsements spanning two decades of service.

A Champion of Green Health Care – Providing Health CARE Solutions That Are Non-Invasive, Non-Addictive & Non Toxic

Medical Director, Radio, Books, TV, Documentaries, Lectures, Videos, Medical Model Progenitor, Print, Political Activism = Lives Reclaimed and Families Healed


2014 American Naturopathic Medical Association’s ‘High Achievement’ Award.

2010 ‘Human Rights Award’ for the High Impact Biological Medicine “Green Body & Mind Medical Model” she developed which practices the best of Functional Medicine for a long list of today’s epidemic physical and mental diseases and metabolic disorders such as addiction.

Click the picture for a very moving celebration of her work at the awards ceremony and her acceptance speech

Professional Credits

• Founder & Medical Director, The totalimmersionhealthretreat ~ A High Impact Biological Medicine Clinic & Retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, CA. Dietary & Environmental Body Burden Detoxification & Environmental Medicine Clinic~ Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration (OBR) 877.285.9266 All Conditions Treated ~ Specializing in Detoxification, Sustainability, CORE Values, Green Living, Expression & Creative Indulgence, Ancient Traditions, Exploration of the Authentic Self, Fractal Environmentalism.

• Medical Director, ~ Drug / Alcohol Detoxification and Psychiatric Drug Tapers ~ Orthomolecular Bio & Neurochemical Restoration

• Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Award for the Green Mental Health Care Medical Model ~ a non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-addictive solution to today’s epidemic mental health conditions

• Recipient of the 2014 High Achievement Award from the American Naturopathic Medical Association.

• Author, Green Mental Health Care ~ How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

• Producer / Promoter, Green Mental Health Care Day

• President, Green Body & Mind (non-profit)

• Published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

• Contributing Writer for Veritas Health Magazine – Topic: effects of dietary and environmental toxicity on mental & physical health & solutions for staying healthy in a toxic world.

• Medical and Celebrity Endorsements

• Radio / TV – many interviews on High Impact Biological Medicine for Addictive Biochemistry & Other Conditions

• Public Speaker, Lecturer on High Impact Biological Medicine, and Body, Mind & Global Environmentalism

Professional Endorsements


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