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Lab Test Assisted Detoxification at a Holistic Detox Spa 

Each and every one of the epidemic diseases of today has its roots in environmental toxicity and excess and many people are looking for health spas that specialize in detoxification but very few are actually practicing true biological medicine to provide the client what they are looking for: a true, thorough, detoxification of the body and brain evidenced and facilitated by before and after laboratory testing.

Cancer, fibromyalgia, Leaky Gut Syndrome (all GUT disorders), diabetes, heart disease, addiction, Myopathy, Multiple Sclerosis, fatty/sluggish liver, etc. as well as conditions such as mental and physical fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and obesity are direct results of our toxic food chain, environmental toxicity, drugs called medicine and excess appetites we develop for all the bad substances out there to try and cancel out the symptoms of dis-eased conditions within our bodies and minds which produce chronic symptoms that our own pharmacist within can no longer effectively mediate.

Because there are literally hundreds of toxic exposures inflicted on the average human today whether it be lead from your plumbing, arsenic from rice, radiation from fukushima, petroleum byproducts from the Gulf oil spill, cesium and aluminum from Chemtrails, VOC’s including fluoride and chlorine from tap water, aspartame in your gum or diet coke, MSG in your food or Genetically Modified Organisms from biological and chemically altered “food”, you must get lab testing done to establish exactly what you have been exposed to as they all levy different nutritional taxes on the body which kills tissues they have an affinity for and destroys biological pathways required for physical and mental health. There are carcinogens which cause cancer, neurotoxic chemicals which have an affinity for the nervous system and brain, endocrine disruptors such as Obesogens (yes, chemicals which cause weight gain and make it nearly impossible to lose weight) which disrupt the endocrine glands; a very sophisticated system of checks and balances of your sex, adrenal gland, pituitary, heart, hypothalamus, pancreas, thyroid and parathyroid hormonal output and degradation and excitotoxins which literally “burn out” the brain and nervous system by causing excessive neuronal cell death much like neurotoxins.

Once you have established what you are being poisoned by through organic acids testing for gut and brain related health issues; toxic metals, cancer markers, environmental toxicity, yeast, bacteria and mold infections; and you have tested your heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, brain, lymph, bone and pancreatic function, you can establish a targeted nutritional therapy to both assist a thorough deep detox and reconstruct those damaged and malfunctioning biosystems.

With thorough laboratory testing and a targeted nutritional therapy in hand you can check into a holistic detox center such as The Biosanctuary ( and begin completely unloading the bioaccumulated toxic waste in your body.

The key treatment checklist for a High Impact Biological Medicine Detoxification would be:

Diet: Your detox diet should be based on Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) removal.  I have helped patients clear everything from psychosis to cancer using this diet.  Due to GMOs, chemically drenched foods, toxic assault from numerous routes of exposure and over-eating (as well as not allowing the GI and colon to self cleanse by refraining from eating a minimum of 4 hours between meals) bad bacteria, yeast and mold provided ideal conditions to create colonies and grow in the gut and colon. This condition is known as bacterial dysbiosis and yeast overgrowth which are associated with everything from psychosis to cancer.

I will be taking each of the treatment topics below and fleshing them out much more in blog topics to follow this and next week.

Ozone Treatments:  Ozone is anaerobic specific so it goes after the bad bacteria, yeast, mold, cancer cells, viruses and boosts the immune system.  It also goes a long way in quickly cleaning out the terrain of the brain and improving blood flow to microcirculatory systems such as the brain which helps to get the oxygen and nutrients in and the waste out.  I will go much more into this in my next blog.

While treating a cancer patient at my MASH* unit detox health spa in Australia I demonstrated how exactly how ozone goes after the bad tissue and leaves healthy tissue alone.  I was helping him get rid of a brain tumor deep inside his head (what the neurosurgeon couldn’t get out) and the incision where they drilled to start the cut through the skull had become infected and oozy.  I put ozone oil on the infected part and then blew ozone from the generator directly on the wound.  Within two days the infection was gone and the cut began to finally heal.  I explained to him that this is how ozone works inside the body as well; going after the anaerobic organism such as cancer and injured tissues and leaving the healthy neurons and tissues of the brain alone.

Infra-red Sauna:  Infra-red sauna raises core body temperature, killing bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, mold and viruses. It improves circulation and mood, boosts the immune system and has been tested to release far more toxins in the sweat the conventional steam and dry heat saunas.  It also breaks down water clusters from 11 to 13 molecules to 3 to 5, allowing water to more easily enter hardened, polluted cells and rinse out those conditions.

Cold Laser Therapy:  Cold Laser Therapy works on the Rife Technology principles of creating energetic coherence in an area of discord the body is suffering and matching the frequency of certain organisms to cause them to die, such as bacteria, parasites, yeast, cancer. Essentially, any unwanted organism polluting the body. They are also used to tune in brain frequencies known to produce joy, calm and optimism.

Food Detox Spa:  It took me a long time to get behind the ionic detox spas until I actually helped a client start walking again after three years in a wheelchair.  She had had a toxic reaction to a popular antibiotic which unleashed a bucket load of uric acid crystals and bacteria that damaged her muscle and nerve tissues.

The Detox Foot Spas are great for relieving the toxic load (all the large molecule toxins are forced to the feet via gravity).  It’s not like a fasting sort of detox, but what it does is remove toxins from the feet that the blood picks up and relocates all day long.  It is also very relaxing and when  you are relaxed,  you are healing!

Colon Hydrotherapy:   People are horribly impacted today.  The average treatment session at The Biosanctuary detox and health spa is 10 days.  Those that just juice and have a SIBO pureed green soup during the day for those ten days  can still be eliminating old waste!  It is extremely important to have multiple (we do 5 in 10 days- some people do more) colonics during a detox.  Old waste builds up in the colon and continually recirculates throughout the body and brain all day and night. Bioaccumulating, becoming more and more toxic.  This waste is linked to everything for fog brain to cancer!

You also want to make sure the detox spa is going to replenish your colon with healthy probiotics for the colon.  At The Biosanctuary we use ozone after colon hydrotherapy to kills off all the exposed bacteria and then one hour later do a probiotic insert.

HeartMath:  The heart is the driving energetic and conscious force of the body and mind. It puts out 9 times the energy than that of the brain.  We in Epigenetic Treatment Models (ETM) understand the scientific concrete evidence which supports that the heart’s energetic output is the most influential energetic environmental factor for health or disease of the body and mind.  The energy coming off the heart will produce either coherence which facilitates efficient homeostatic functioning of every cell of the body or if it is in discord, will cause the cells to struggle for survival consuming far too much energy and nutrients until both are exhausted.  It is the heart that needs to be focused on for your healing event.

Think about it, when a technician does an EEG to test electrical pulses from the brain they have to put the transducers ON the skull to get a read from the brain’s activity.  When they do an ECG of the heart, the technician has to leave the room and go behind a sealed door or his/her heart output could get into the patient’s.  Heart electrical activity can be read up to 8 feet in the normal person and has been recorded up to 16 feet in yogis meditating on gratitude, compassion and love!

Nutritional IV Therapy:  Is necessary especially in the beginning of a detox because it is important to bypass the digestive process.  Nearly every patient (especially those on psych and “choose your mood” drugs) that walks in my door has a compromised digestive tract.  IV therapy is excellent for quickly re-establishing a health nutritional status to assist both detox and biorepair of organs.

Organic Supplements & Super Foods:  There is a significant difference in usability, possible toxic and GMO exposures, treatment accuracy and likelihood for a successful healing event between organic and synthetic supplements.  Many people do not know that 95% of vitamins at the health food store are petroleum byproducts.  Remember, anything made by nature that you put in your body comes with many components that help break it down and utilize it – bioavailability is a huge factor in the success of your targeted nutritional therapy.  A health spa should be focused entirely on detox as opposed to adding to your toxic load with toxic sourcing, binders and fillers.

Live Blood Cell Analysis:  Is an excellent way of reviewing the condition of the blood which is a literal hologram for that of the body.  You can also get a very clear picture of the level of toxicity your body is suffering.

Nature: The best Detox Health Spa is going to be in nature.  I have facilitated detox, addiction, med tapers, cancer, and various other treatment models in every setting imaginable from the sterile environment of a hospital clinic to the jungle of Costa Rica and I can testify from years of first hand experience with patients that nature; the ocean, trees, mountains and peacefulness of being hugged by the harmonic energy of nature is medicine in itself.  It improves and expedites the healing process in measurable and very rewarding ways.

Organic Food:  Unfortunately most health and detox spas that serve food actually provide conventional foods dressed as “healthy” because they may be vegetables as opposed to meat based meals, but that are toxic and even genetically modified! This becomes a real problem when the veggies used to juice are full of pesticides!  Think about it, you are getting a strong dose of pesticides, Chemtrails, and even possibly GMOs known to literally rip holes in your intestines!  Make sure the detox spa you sign up with is entirely organic. No exceptions!

Education: Every detox spa that is really in it for the best possible patient outcomes will educate you in both food preparation, juicing, and the many routes of toxic exposures you need to know about to protect yourself.  Spending a ton of money for at a detox spa to only reintroduce yourself to your old toxic environment without a good education about diet and food preparation is a huge waste and doesn’t provide for a sustainable healing event which is really what your investment is all about.

Spa Services:  You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat! Be sure your detox spa uses only organic (preferably freshly made) facial products.

Massage oils should be organic as well.  Your skin absorbs everything put on it which bypasses the liver and goes directly to organ tissues.

Doing your homework before selecting the best Detox Health Spa for you can make the difference between a true healing event and a temporary sub-optimal experience that does really no good toward protecting you from today’s epidemic health issues.

You can make a difference, you already have!

In service we shine…


Genita M. Mason  H.H.P., N.C.
Founder & Medical Director, The BioSanctuary
High Impact Biological Medicine & Environmental Body Burden Detoxification

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    • I suggest making your own. It is far less expensive and you can take the dosages required for a true healthy response. I use SOTA. I am a scientist so this recommendation is not because I am a distributor, or in any way benefit. It is reasonably priced and works great at our clinic.

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