The Many Benefits of Infrared Sauna
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Heat therapy, or Hyperthermia, dates back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, as well as to ancient civilizations in India, Japan, China and Scandinavia. Those that practice biological medicine such as all ancient cultures and a small circle of very brave genius practitioners have never questioned it, as it appears to have been around since the practice of medicine. It’s a common fact among scientists of today and practitioners of this superior form of medicine that the sun’s infrared rays and heat is one of nature’s greatest defenses in both the protection and elimination of disease.

There is no question that it works in killing cancer- the allopathic medical community even accepts that as they have done much of the formal research while traditional, ancient and holistic medical communities have simply used it for the excellent results because in their information circles the “testing” was accomplished 5,000 plus years ago! To this day, In Germany hyperthermia is used extensively along with ozone therapy for cancer. It also destroys fungus, yeast and pathogens of all categories (viruses, bacteria, etc.).

Modern Hyperthermia techniques emerged from laboratory findings in the U.S. in the 1970’s, which provided convincing evidence that heat killed induced tumors in vivo at 41-42 C or approx. 106-108 F. The death rate of cancer cells increases as the temperature rises. Heat kills cells by accelerating growth rate.

Inflammation is an epidemic condition sitting right along side cancer and heart disease today. Inflammatory conditions develop in the Gut (upper intestines) from gluten sensitivity, diverticulitis, bacterial dysbiosis, GMO toxicity; and ingestion of pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and a plethora of chemicals used in food processing. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Inflammation of the lower intestine (IBS), develops from accumulation of toxic waste, undigested material from the upper intestine which grows bacteria and recirculates in the blood system all day and night (which is very harmful to the brain), mucoid plaque and again, bacterial dysbiosis. Inflammation of the arterial system is the number one killer- heart disease. And inflammation in the joints and limbs such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy and diabetes- to name a few develops from acidic pH, high sugar diets and oxidative stress. Autoimmune issues also causes widespread inflammation.

These are examples of just a few of the inflammatory conditions causing discomfort and aggravating disease while contributing to the progression of disease. What concerns me most for those over 50 is inflammation in the brain. Over the years, the brain collects a lot of toxins that it has not been able to remove due to the difficulty of chelative substances crossing the blood- brain barrier and its microcirculatory network not receiving enough blood flow to deliver the nutrients and oxygen it requires to repair and replicate neurons and remove toxins. Over time the toxins build up, clogging this life sustaining micro network of capillaries and extremely small venous systems and inflammation sets in due to the effects of advanced oxidative stress, which accelerates brain cell (neuronal) death. This condition can easily advance into Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or any other disease resulting from chronic, accelerated brain cell death. What happens far sooner than the onset of those diseases is progressive loss of functionality of all brain function such as focus, memory, sleep, alertness, and even motor function can begin to deteriorate as advanced oxidative stress takes its toll.

Diabetics could certainly use Hyperthermia Therapy to improve blood flow (saving their limbs), nutrient and oxygen delivery to their feet – really – all their limbs which begin to develop neuropathy within a moderate time of the disease’s progression. I personally have witnessed the full resolution of this condition in my clinic using infrared sauna and ozone.

For addiction, Hyperthermia is key in quickly removing the accumulated drug residues, as well as the many toxic substances such as heavy metals that cause symptoms those suffering addictive biochemistry have learned to self-medicate. This expedites the process of rebalancing brain chemistry as well as helps to reduce length and intensity of withdrawal syndrome. This is one of the key milestones that must happen when detoxing a person from psychiatric drugs as the drug typically has far more exposure time to brain tissue, thus damaging it much faster than natural biologically oriented, typically illegal, drugs that are quickly metabolized by the system. Psychiatric drugs also deposit harmful toxins that increase oxidative stress. Mercury and fluoride are used to stabilize many of these drugs so toxic metal removal (chelation) and a specific fluoride detox is a significant factor in minimizing transitional discomfort for this patient population. The faster you remove toxic waste, the faster the brain will begin to heal and “rewire” itself to produce healthy chemistry.

Fundamentally, since health is about the delivery of ample nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and organs and the efficient destruction and removal of waste, hyperthermia is an excellent treatment because it does just that.

Specific Benefits of Infrared
Add Far Infrared to everything you’ve read in this chapter and you’re practicing the top tier of hyperthermia treatment of today. Infrared provides all the benefits of sunlight without the dangerous effects of UV solar radiation. Among the infrared rays, FIR between 8 – 14 microns is especially good for the body and are similar to that which the body emits naturally. In fact, they are so close that our bodies absorb up to 93% of the FIR energy that reaches our skin. This is one of the aspects of its ability to give you a “tune up” energetically which is experienced not only in ways of reestablishing stable and coherent energetic waves more closely tuned into the earth’s geomagnetic waves, which helps cells operate more efficiently, but you actually feel more energetic. The FIR is the sun’s way of nourishing you like it does to help plants grow. Establishing and maintaining this flow of natural current frequencies aligned with the earth also helps cells deflect disease particles (organisms). I call it a “tune up”.

Infrared sauna treatment adds to the value of Hyperthermia due to its frequency range’s ability to accelerate cell death of organisms such as mold, yeast, fungus, viruses, bacteria and cancer. FIR ionizes the structures of pathogenic and cancerous cells, breaking them down and destroying them.

Infrared saunas have been clinically proven to boost mood. This only makes sense because removing waste while feeding the brain with plenty of nutrients and oxygen will produce far more neurotransmitters that can reach – effect far more “cleaned out” receptors. Essentially, there is far more “feel goods” being made while much more access is being created.

When infrared waves are applied to water, which comprises about 75 to 77% of your body, the vibration of its high frequencies causes a breakdown of the water molecules, which releases toxic substances. A study was done testing the sweat of those in FIR saunas and those in traditional heat saunas and the average percentage of toxins in the sweat released of those in the infrared saunas was 17% over the 3% of those in the dry heat saunas.

The breaking down of water molecule clusters is a very important advantage of infrared sauna. Generally, water travels in clusters of 11 to 13 molecules, FIR breaks those down into clusters of 3 to 5 molecules which helps to get water into and through the cells thus achieving detoxification within cells; ergo, at the cellular level.

Another reason why this is such an excellent feature of FIR is because In many cases it is nearly impossible to get a really thorough, deep detox, because of AGE- advanced glycosylation end products. AGE is the result of sugar (glucose) binding with proteins at the cell wall (which can be polluted with undigested and bad fats (excess saturated and hydrogenated ones) causing a hardening of the cell wall which advances oxidative stress thus death. This makes it very hard to cleanse at the cellular level because the hardened cell wall prevents water entry; it also prevents nutrient and oxygen delivery which contributes to accelerated cell death – or oxidative stress – which causes premature aging while owning the title of the root cause of all disease.

This is also an excellent feature when you consider that water drank in the sauna (especially good to add sodium ascorbate- vitamin C that is pH neutral) and that which you are releasing, stored in the body can pass through cells much easier, delivering minerals and electrolytes for hydration and important detoxification biochemical processes to remove waste.

It also helps to drink properly mineralized water. Dead water such as distilled and reverse osmosis does not hydrate you. Very little will actually get into cells and provide the biochemical necessity of minerals and electrolytes within the cells. You require a nature-made balance of all the minerals to achieve the proper intracellular and extracellular difference in potential that must occur for the cell to ingest water.
The field of infrared frequencies created in the sauna also “tunes up” your body’s own bio-blueprint energy field. It’s similar to the Traditional Chinese Medicine way of opening the meridians with acupuncture to get the Chi or Life Force (energy) flowing unobstructed. Cleansing promotes Chi and increasing circulation moves it throughout the body / brain.

Due to the high frequency waves of infrared, it is able to penetrate the skin much deeper than just ambient heat; up to about two and a half inches. This deep heating quality of infrared quickly activates the sweat glands, which does a tremendous job of bleeding the lymph of the pathogens and cancer cells it imprisons (while killing them), and mimics a temperature therefor activating the immune system to do some housekeeping. This is one of the features that makes infrared so effective in killing candida yeast, mold and fungus in the blood and tissues. It also helps in the activation of enzymes in the gut, which will ingest waste.

FIR saunas are also much more comfortable than dry heat saunas. While you will sweat much more, you will do so at much lower temperatures. FIRs operate up to 140 degrees while dry heat saunas operate at 180 to 220. Having a more comfortable experience is extremely important to those going through a healing event, and it also assists in the person’s ability to stay in longer for the added therapeutic effects.

While I’ve given you many reasons to include Infrared Sauna Therapy into your health and cleansing program, I’ll advise you why you would never want to consider a steam sauna in a gym or anywhere else where they are using tap water: each and every one of the volatile organic acids (VOCs) found in tap water such as chlorine, trihalomethane, fluoride, etc. are converted to gases of the same by the heat and you are absorbing that into your skin and breathing it! This is extremely toxic!

The benefits of infrared sauna are innumerable:
• Moves water through the cell far more efficiently than traditional saunas by breaking down water clusters into smaller molecular structures
• Dramatically improves circulation into the microcirculatory systems of the brain, delivering nutrients and oxygen while flushing out toxins
• Aids in the removal of heavy / toxic metals
• Improves nutrient delivery into the cell
• Improves waste removal from the cell
• Boost circulation throughout the body- this is especially important for diabetics
• Promotes cellular rejuvenation (anti aging)
• Aids in hormonal balance as toxins are known to be endocrine disruptors
• Improves mood (stimulates serotonin and other “feel goods” while cleansing their receptors providing more access for their compliment neurotransmitters
• Increases metabolism promoting weight loss
• Replaces fatigue with energy
• Destruction of stored fat cells helps to thoroughly cleanse the body without having to diet for long periods or fast yourself into ketosis
• Improves parasympathetic nervous system function, creating a relaxing effect for the body and a calming one for the mind
• Improves sleep
• Decreases anxiety
• Kills parasites, fungus, yeast, mold and worms
• Lowers blood sugar
• Dramatically helps to metabolize and eliminate toxins
• Immune system booster
• Promotes enzyme activity – causing the “waking up” of many biochemical processes
• Improves digestion
• Strengthens the cardiovascular system
• Cleanses the lymph of cancer and pathogenic (viral / bacterial) cells
• Dramatically improves skin

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