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Michelle Urbaniak

Grammy Award Winner, Mika Urbanaik’s Alcohol & Drug Green Recovery at The Biosanctuary Testimonial

My name is Michelle Urbaniak, and I am 30 years old. I had been diagnosed as an alcoholic and with bi-polar disorder, and had been suffering for the last ten years with various symptoms. Severe depression, mania, paranoia, mood swings, insomnia, anxiety, lack of concentration, to name a few. I had managed to quit drinking with aa for a few years, during which I relapsed many times. My experience with AA wasn’t fulfilling, as the idea and concept of having a disease for the rest of my life, kept me in victim mode, contributed to my depression, and although I was doing the program diligently, my symptoms persisted. I went through the conventional medicine way for 3 years, and was prescribed 3 very strong medications, that left me living as a zombie, gaining huge amounts of weight, and leaving me dulled. I have tried so many paths; Christian Science, many different kinds of therapy, and with each new method, I was left disappointed and searching further.

This journey has been a tumultuous one, but I kept my heart and mind open in searching for something, a path that not only made sense to me, but that actually worked. I came across Genita’s youtube video about AA and it clicked.

The power of food on the brain and one’s emotions as well as the avoidance of the “invisible crazy makers” wasn’t a totally new concept to me, as there had been people in my family who healed themselves from very dangerous diseases naturally, however, I had never heard about the connection between food and addiction and how certain nutritional deficiencies and toxic chemicals in our food and environment can lead to addictive biochemistry, the condition that leads to addiction. Immediately I knew that Genita was on to something real. I felt that her truth was THE truth, no hocus pocus, true science. I read the book, reserved a place in her clinic in Costa Rica, and that was that. My new life had begun from that moment. I received an answer for every single symptom I was dealing with, and in a matter of a few days, I was already feeling calmer, more peaceful and alive.

My brain started to function normally, and with each day, everything was becoming more and more clear to me. We are truly what we put into our bodies, and we transform into the true spiritual beings we were meant to be when we clear ourselves of all the toxins. The program is truly mind blowing. With diligence, commitment and a true passion for living the way of truth, it is not only possible, it is so rewarding to know, that I am not powerless, that I can create the life that I want for myself, that truly there is nothing we can’t accomplish when we have the information we need- not just the accurate information about health and healing addictive biochemistry that sales science and subjective dogmas have replaced in traditional rehabs but also how I developed and fostered an addiction so it never happens again. It’s truly a toxic world out there full of many invisible crazy makers and knowing how to avoid them is the key in never developing symptoms or cravings again that I would want to self-medicate. I am forever grateful to Genita for her years of work, her total committed spirit to the health and good of others, and to the knowledge and healing she was able to share with me during my stay at her clinic. Thank you to her and to all the wonderful people on her staff, for giving me my life back. My spirit is shining!

Wishing you all the courage and openness to give yourselves the chance to live the best life you can and join the 101 program family. All the best!
Mika Urbanaik

Genita is the real deal. She’s an extraordinarily talented healer with her heart in the right place. One would be very fortunate to work with her, and her team. And I say “work” because it is work. Her program, which she is constantly refining is cutting edge. It’s the best, most inspired out there. And it works. But it takes much commitment, and focus, and discipline. All worthwhile things do.

I know, as I went through her program in Costa Rica in 2010. At the end of it, I had never felt so good, nor so fit, in my entire life. It was life-changing.

There is no magic pill to correct years of either street or psych drug, and/or alcohol abuse. Many things need to come together for this to happen, but it is possible, and Genita’s program covers more than anyone’s. She and her program are truly inspired. But I’ll say it again, it takes real work. With the appropriate effort by those who wish to see themselves better, freedom from addiction will follow. One must give the program a chance, and that means working it every single day.

It takes time to really screw yourself up. You can’t expect to reverse years of damage over night and without effort. If one meets Genita half way, her program will work, and on so many levels, and faster than one would think.

Over time, as one heals, one realizes more and more, day by day, the thoroughness of this program, as it is not only measured by the degree of fitness of one’s body, but the extent of personal (psycho-spiritual) revelation that accompanies the healing physical self, which obviously evidences a healthy mind as well.

At least that was my experience. And please know, I was really f***ed up when I went in.

Genita’s is a profoundly good program.


You have no idea how much I rave about all your program has done for my
life. I am doing everything I could have ever dreamed of and living a
lifestyle never thought possible. You have given me and many others the
greatest gift ever…! Thank you Genita and I am so excited about
my mother’s recovery. It has been a long time since I have had a mom.

Ryan S.
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Genita,

I wanted to take the time to Thank You for literally saving my life. That’s a bold statement but I do mean it!

Prior to your Green Mental Health program I had been abusing alcohol for over 10 years. I was a very successful entrepreneur in the 80’s and 90’s but alcohol cost me my business, several jobs, a beautiful home, a Lake Cottage, a home in the Caribbean and my entire retirement savings. Those are material things. I also lost the respect of my family, friends and ultimately my marriage.

Before your program I went into Rehab locally 3 different times which resulted in a few weeks, or months of sobriety. In a final effort I spent 8 weeks at the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs Ca. with no sustainable success.

I came across the Green Mental Health program on the internet about a year ago. When I got about half way through it my eyes filled with tears because I swore you wrote it for me personally. Every word and paragraph had my name on it. I jumped in, began our work together and followed the protocol. I have never felt more physically and mentally stable in over 10 years. I truly believe your body is your physician!

Your Green Mental Health program saved my life from the antidepressant “Paxil” I had been taking since 2003 and if one does enough research on it you’ll find how it negatively affects your neurotransmitters over a long period of time and perhaps the biggest negative is that it causes intense cravings for alcohol. This is well documented and the manufacturer will deny all claims. If I had the money I’d hire Erin Brokovich.(sp). I did have a little anxiety at first when I came off the Paxil. But Ms. Mason increased my dosage of GABA and the A-B Calm which helped. The anxiety was gone in about two weeks.

I am now alcohol and Paxil free and feel great! I am no longer imprisoned by drugs or alcohol!

Again my sincere Thank You!

Kindest Regards,
Chuck R.
Elm Grove, Wisconsin


When I first started the The 101 Program I had been drinking uncontrollably for 20 years. I had been to in-patient programs, to AA meetings, to intensive out patient programs and counseling and tried a variety of medications including Anabuse.
I was convinced that this was going to be my life until I died. I held down a job and had a wonderful family but from early morning until late at night I required alcohol in order to function and then I heard about The 101 Program and met Ms. Mason and her wonderful staff.
I have now been alcohol free for nearly three years, but most importantly is the way I did it. I am not in a constant state of craving drink. The program has addressed my bio-chemical imbalance in my brain and I no longer crave alcohol.
It was hard at first but not as hard as the other programs I have been in. The program adjusts your biochemistry and for a week I didn’t feel great but that soon passed and then I began doing things again that I hadn’t been able to do in 20 years: long walks with my family, rejoining the gym. It was truly amazing.
The 101 Program is not just about the absence of alcohol; it is about the presence of health. If you truly want to become whole and healthy, if you want to regain the joy that alcohol takes from all of us then there is a way to do that and this is the way. Elizabeth

I went through hell and back before I found this program in September ’06. I prayed for years that God would help me find my way through this and finally I found his answer on the Internet one night when I was trying to find some kind of online support group, being hesitant to join AA because as you know, it’s not anonymous, even though it should be. I ordered the book online, then I contacted the 101 program and I’ve been working my way through it ever since. It was really amazing. My anxiety and my urge to drink alcohol literally left me in the first week. I spent a lot of that week sobbing with a mixture of joy and apprehension- feeling for the first time in about 10 years what I had always wanted to feel -a ‘normal’ relationship with alcohol. Like Elisabeth I was for a long time waiting for the whole thing to collapse and to start feeling lousy again, but I just don’t need alcohol now. This has changed my life to an unbelievable degree. I think I embarrass the author by gushing at her with my thanks. But how do you thank someone for giving you your life back? Cherbee

I began your Comprehensive Services program in October 2007. I was most likely not an easy client but you patiently answered all my emails and gave me most generous phone support. So here we are almost 2 years later and life has never been better. I am sober, my marriage is back together, my business has never been better, my physical fitness training has excelled to a level I never dreamed possible at 49 years of age, I have no mood swings or PMS, I am more calm and collected than I have ever been and on top of all that I am truly happy and at peace for the first time in my life.

I now know there was never anything “wrong” with me, it was all a biochemical imbalance brought on by the wrong nutritional substances. You showed me the way and got me started on this life changing journey. I have continued to read and educate myself and have gotten very good at listening to my body. For me, nutrition is the KEY factor; I am doing very well with it in addition to determining which supplements are necessary. I must have continued to heal over the last year and a half since we parted for my health both phsically and mentally continues to improve in many ways.

I see that you offer fitness at the treatment center and I must add, for me, discovering the CrossFit style of training was the “icing on the cake” (no, I don’t eat it). That tied everything together. Please let me know if you are ever in need of a personal trainer down there, especially one that has been on both sides:)

Take care and thank you again,


BTW, you were soooo right about the grains; I don’t eat them at all anymore except for an occaisional ear of corn. Don’t need them, it’s helped with digestion.

Dear Genita,

I wanted to let you know how things were going with me as I continue to benefit from your fantastic ground breaking program. After two and a half years of a condictive diet and targeted neurotransmitter supporting supplements I feel optimistic, content and looking forward to the future. An outlook and state of being that I love and do not want to compromise.

The only thing that I had not done was actually consume alcohol now that my HPA axis was in balance as a result of the 101 program. So I decided to drink a small amount of alcohol recently do determine once and for all if I was a slave to it as AA suggests, or if I was a normal human being who could control and balance his behavior in an appropriate and self supporting way. Sure enough, I did not get the darvon like buzz I used to get. I felt a little more relaxed and with a fogginess that I didn’t like and a slight upset to my stomach. The next day after one drink I felt ok but was aware of the drink that I had consumed and wanted to get back to an optimal state again quickly.

I did not desire to go on a binge. I had no alcohol cravings at all. This is a dramatic and permanent shift in my behavioral state and health. Thanks to you and the 101 program. Beta endorphins, serotonin and GABA are present in my brain and doing their jobs. This brings to mind a popular song from the 30’s my father used to hum around the house with lyrics something like this: How you gonna keep em down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paris….

Alcohol high is a dangerous and fake happy state and a properly functioning HPA axis is the real thing. I have no desire to return to the alcohol “Farm”.

I have embarked on a study program in nutritional health counseling. I chose the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY. I was impressed with their roster of guest lecturers and their overall philosophy. I will complete the program in July 2010 and will begin a counseling practice of some kind. I am debating whether to work with relatively healthy individuals seeking optimal health, or to work with the truly sick alcoholic to help them experience the return to health that I have.

I was wondering if their might be a way to work with the 101 program as a nutritional coach or counselor. I have not decided the exact direction of my future practice and thought I might explore the idea of synergy with your program.

Thanks for reading and thanks for helping me to become a healthy and happy individual.

Warmest Regards,

Mike B.
New Braunfels, Texas

I just wanted to tell you that I finished the eight week detox about a week ago. Your program was a life saver. I have tried countless times to quit drinking, all unsuccessful. Exercise alone did not help. I needed the nutritional and supplemental support that is offered in the program. I want to thank Ms. Mason for taking the time and energy to compile this program. Not only has my compulsive desire to get drunk everyday disappeared, but I am now running 3-4 miles every day, also quit smoking, I’m accomplishing things I thought I’d never have the inspiration for, and making big life changes. I can’t thank you enough. This detox program is a real success, and everyone with an alcohol problem should know about it. I can see the change is permanent. Even my cravings for high-carb / high-sugar foods has disappeared.

I feel The 101 Program should have more exposure than she does. I have already told several alcoholic relatives about it. Hopefully, they’ll take it seriously enough to embark on this journey. Getting started is the hardest part (I received the shipment late December but didn’t get the guts to really start on it for real until late February).
Thanks again. Feel free to publish this testimony if you wish from John G., Lancaster, PA.”

“After 20 years of drinking myself to sleep every night, I approached this program with trepidation and skepticism. However, with Genita’s coaxing and a well developed preparation week, I successfully stopped drinking and had remarkably little or no impulse to commence my old habit. A landmark program without the stigma of counseling or meetings. Highly recommended.”
DD – Texas

Thanks so much and please thank Ms. Mason for working with us on this. I can’t find words to tell you what a positive impact this health and addiction program has had on my life so far — both from my own personal experience of not being constantly hungry and eating huge amounts only to still be hungry and from having my best friend and soul mate sober and lucid all evening rather than losing him to the alcohol fog by 6 p.m.

We have had such good results under the detox — although it is quite challenging. My husband has had no cravings for alcohol and my appetite is finally under control. It is such freedom not to be thinking about food all the time! I’ve lost 14 pounds and have never felt better. My husband’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels are both responding extremely well to our new lifestyle.

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