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Green Mental Health Care: How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

In memory of all whom have been murdered at the hands of someone on psych drugs (including their own tragic suicides), and to help create the change that will ensure these senseless killings never happen again, I have decided to take down all the sales links to my book “Green Mental Health Care: How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs” and give this ebook away free from this day forward – forever. The Sandy Hook incident has equally enraged me and broke my heart- as well as all the other macabre school shootings- it seriously seems to me that pure evil is unleashed without any restraint. As if the gates of hell are opened up to the eyes of young children instead of a kiss goodnight and a hug. I can not stand by and watch this kind of madness be unleashed on the most innocent and vulnerable without doing something to try and stop it from happening again. If you download this book and it helps you or a loved one, please consider giving even just a small donation to a non-profit that is pro-Green Mental Health Care and against drugging our children. I promise I will be educating people every chance I get about the connection between psych drugs and these heartless massacres as well as all the other identical crimes against society their illegal cousins inflict. Here is the link – PLEASE READ IT, SHARE IT AND POST IT every chance you get! You will be helping to save lives!

Click Here: Green Mental Health Care: How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

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