Environmental Toxicity ~ A Mental Health Disaster

The Biochemical Mechanisms of Brain Cell Death, Neurochemical Imbalances and Dysregulation

Pesticides and Food Chemicals Cause Widespread Oxidative Stress & Have an Affinity for Your Brain Cells

Before / After Pesticide Exposure / Oxidative Stress

Chemistry of Oxidative Stress

Stable Molecule Functions Correctly

Free Radical Disrupts Cellular Function, Marking it for Death

Since getting out with the public and lecturing I have learned that many people use the term “oxidative stress” or “free radical” yet few really understand what it is and what it means to your health so I am going to clarify it here to give you a rock solid understanding of the term because if you are on psych drugs this biochemical mechanism of both toxic drugs and pesticides you are on are playing out in your body right now and oxidative stress is the fundamental process in ALL disease including mental health issues.

A study in last year’s British Medical Journal estimated that perhaps 75 percent of most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors, including exposure to chemicals. Another report, this one by the Columbia University School of Public Health, estimated that 95 percent of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity.

Estimates show most Americans have somewhere between 400 and 800 chemicals stored in their bodies, typically in fat cells.
Oxidative stress from the toxic exposure of psychiatric drugs not only damages the nervous and endocrine systems but also increases demand for all the natural pain killing and inhibitory (relaxing) neurotransmitters which leads to many if not all of the epidemic mental health issues today such as hyperactivity, anxiety, nervousness and depression. Since damage (caused mostly by heavy metals, pesticides, pH acidity, food chemicals, environmental chemical sensitivities, drugs, and alcohol) and dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system is the cause of mental health issues, by using toxic psychiatric drugs you are actually further damaging the exact system that you should be healing.

Oxidative Stress is defined as “adverse effects occurring when the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS-”free-radicals”) in a system exceeds the system’s ability to neutralize and eliminate them; excess ROS can damage a cell’s lipids, protein or DNA.


When a toxic molecule steals an electron from an otherwise healthy, stable molecule it destabilizes it. The new ‘free radical’ is then positively charged and will steal an electron from a nearby cell. This chain reaction causes the cell’s wall to deteriorate in such a way that nutrients can not get in and waste can not get out; thus the death of the cell. Free radical damage can also result in damage to DNA. Not only is free radical damage the underlying biochemical mechanism of all disease but it is also the number one cause of aging.

The cause of mental health issues today is a direct result of toxic exposure therefore it is counterproductive to add more toxic assault to the body. This does not create healing. In fact, what ever the problem issue was that was causing the symptoms you sought psychiatric drugs for will only get worse yet you will not know it because every time you get another symptom you will run to the medicine cabinet or psych’s office to shut it up. Not good, because these conditions left unchecked will continue until the affected organ/s is/are entirely diseased which can and does end in death. You see, instead of making the changes you need to make to create a healthy environment for your cells, you will continue to exist in the very same environment and eat / drink the very same toxic chemicals that are causing your symptoms. Pills that silence your symptoms take away the urgency for you to identify and stop the cause of your mental discomforts – however now, not only are the same conditions that caused the problem continuing under the radar but you are adding to them by taking toxic drugs.

When you look at what toxic assault does under the microscope it is very easy to understand the volumes of scientific data that link many psychiatric drugs to cancer, obesity, diabetes, mitochondrial damage resulting in advanced aging and fatigue, degenerative disease, aggravated mental health conditions and the side effects they cause. They cause free radical damage, tissue deterioration and eventually death of organs. They cause bio and neurochemical changes that can be immediately dangerous. They feed the system that destroys the health of the cells in your body – they do not support the systems that create health in the cells. These are facts that are based on the science of biology accepted and taught from elementary school to Harvard.

Full Bellies; Empty Minds

Toxicity Causes Nutritional Deficiencies
Nutritional Depletion Prevents Repair and Replication of Neurons as well as Natural Brain Function and Health

It is very costly on the body in the way of nutritional stores to metabolize (breakdown and remove) toxins from the body. This leaves fewer nutritional stores for repair and replication (growth mode). This results in nutritional deficiencies which adversely affect neurochemistry and cause many of today’s mental health complaints in addition to brain shrinkage and lost opportunity in renewing brain tissue.

As in the case of Organophosphates and all other pesticides, they are developed to cause extreme deficiencies of one neurochemical or enzyme which causes extreme excesses in another neurochemical which results in dysregulation of critical organ functions such as the lungs and heart as well as nervous system dysregulation resulting in death. While adults rarely asphyxiate from pesticides (pesticides aggravate asthmatics’ respiratory systems causing severe attacks and thus do pose threat of death of asphyxiation), their nervous systems are none of the less adversely affected by the low dose effects of the toxin (which accumulate over the years increasing physical and mental health risks). Children are affected even worse by the nervous system destroying mechanisms of pesticides because their delicate systems, particularly the brain, liver and kidneys are at high risk due to being underdeveloped. Your kids are coming out of their skin because they are born into a lethally toxic environment, not because they are low on Ritalin! Get rid of the toxins and they calm down!

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