Can’t Make it Into the Clinic?

We have packaged up all the information you need to safely and sanely detox, address addictive biochemistry and /or taper from psychiatric drugs while you heal your condition at home.  You will have access to all these materials within hours!

The Outpatient Educational Pack Includes the 12 Hour Powerpoint Assisted Teleseminar Series by Ms. Mason

Clinical Detoxification & Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration

For Addictive Biochemistry & Psychiatric Drug Tapers 

Green Body & Mind Teleseminar Series:

Staying Sane in a Toxic World

How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric & Illegal Drugs & Alcohol

  • Class #1: “Introduction to the Green Mental Healthcare Model”
  • Class #2: “The Pillars of Green Mental Health”
  • Class #3: “How to Give Your Body What it Really Needs for Detox, Energy and Vitality”
  • Class #4: “Causes of Today’s Epidemic Adverse Mental Health Symptoms -Part One”
  • Class #5: “Causes of Today’s Epidemic Adverse Mental Health Symptoms -Part Two”
  • Class #6: “Safely Tapering off Drugs & Alcohol”
  • Class #7: “What’s in your water?” The Best Water to Drink – Filters
  • Class #8: “Food For Humans” Our Clinic’s Book of Detox & Healing Recipes & Juices
  • Class #9: “Understanding the root cause of your condition in order to develop a strategy for sustainable recovery”
  • Class #10 “It’s Not All in Your Head! (The Physical Underlying Causes of Mental Health Issues & Addiction) Lab Tests & Managing Your Doctor”
  • Class #11 “The Key to a Safe & Successful Taper / Discontinuance of Illegal Drugs Building a Healthy Body to Move Into”
  • Class #12 “How to Green Your Home” with “The Queen of Green,” Debra Lynn Dadd

The Outpatient Packet Also Includes

eCopies of all books by Genita M. Mason: Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure, ~ Food for Humans (The Biosanctuary’s book of recipes you’ll need for your program), and Green Mental Health Care: How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs.

Crucial Program Materials & Written Instruction for The First 30 Days

  • Detoxification & Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration for Addictive Biochemistry & Psychiatric Drug Tapers: Instructions & Recommended Support Therapies for the The First 30 Days
  • Green Body & Mind Food Chart. An easy reference chart listing what is allowed and what must be avoided during your 30 day detox.
  • Green Body & Mind Instructions for obtaining and maintaining healthy pH (alkalinity)
  • Green Body & Mind Detoxification & Chelation Adjuvant Therapies (ebook). Explains many excellent therapies that can be used to promote thorough cellular detoxification and then rebuild healthy cells and bio-neurochemical communication.
  • Green Body & Mind Preferred Vendor’s Guide. We do all the integrity checks for you. The companies we recommend not only provide excellent healthy, organic and non-toxic products but they are politically active green conscious consumers and capitalists. Putting our dollars in green businesses!
  • Green Body & Mind Food Guide (ebook) Instruction regarding healthy food and its preparation and our Green Body & Mind non-toxic home care guide.

A Detoxification & Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration Nutritional Support package for the first 30 days can be purchased which comes with a written protocol developed by Ms. Mason. After over 20 years as an Addictive Biochemistry & Taper specialist, Ms. Mason has developed 5 basic nutritional care packages for the 5 categories of legal / illegal drugs and alcohol. Cocaine / Ritalin (Illegal / Legal) Same effect and mode of transport in the brain.

You are also offered the opportunity to work with Ms. Mason, get the required laboratory testing and have a personalized Targeted Nutritional Therapy protocol developed for you based on your test results, drug / alcohol profile, symptoms and condition by an award winning addictive biochemistry and taper specialist.  Additional fees for personalized care.

Stop the Suffering ~ Free Yourself Today & Live Your Life in the Capacity You Were Born to Live It ~ Life is Too Precious to Waste Another Day

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