Sovereign & ASAP Colloidal Silver Not the Potency Advertised?

Sovereign & ASAP Colloidal Silver Get a Thumbs Down

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At The Biosanctuary Detox & Health Spa we use a considerable amount of Colloidal Silver for boosting the immune system and assisting low micro current blood electrification for getting rid of parasites, pathogens and cancer cells floating around in the blood.  The strength or potency of the solution is extremely important in its efficacy.  Thank goodness we make our own at The Biosanctuary because for integrity of process. I tested a couple of clients’ products and was alarmed at what I found.  Alarmed because they had been using these products for years and not only wasting their money but if all the others bottle they had purchased had such minute amounts of actual colloidal silver, it was unlikely they were receiving any benefit at all- especially at the dosages recommended to make it look like the product is more valuable in content and volume than it is.

I was very disappointed this week to find that the popular Sovereign Silver product I purchased tested to be just 5ppm as opposed to the 10ppm advertised on the packaging.  The ASAP, which is less expensive, tested to be 6ppm when advertised to be 10. I used a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. Now there is a lot of very good scientific data out there about the inability to test a colloidal – or suspended particles with a TDS meter. However, even suspended it would create an electrical current which a TDS meter measures. If there is no way for a consumer to confirm what is in a product, it is just too convenient and it creates a lot of suspicion as we all know MANY companies are selling toxic and many times useless products under the holistic health and organic labels. Mike Adams of Natural News is doing a very good job of exposing these companies and many of them are improving their products as a result!

Another concern I have on the other end of the spectrum is that Sovereign prides itself in being a small particle colloidal silver manufacturer (smaller the particles, the better). So really, if you want to go along with the questionability of a TDS meter being able to measure colloidal silver- and there are indeed many variables here when it comes to the measure of colloids, the closer to zero would be the best scenario across the board meaning all of the silver is suspended. So what do we want to go with here? What the TDS meter is picking up on then is actual silver particles. I say make your own- it’s the only real way of knowing what you’re getting. You don’t want silver particles if you’re using it long term and I’m not ready to trust this company especially after the conversation I had with them earlier today- see below.

What’s even more concerning is that the expiration date is 11/16 on the Sovereign.  By then there would likely to be very little if any colloidal silver in the product. They assured me that they have a way of preventing loss of colloidal silver over a three year expiration date. I would like a full explanation of that as there are reactive dissolved solids in the product and anything with an electrical charge, which a colloid has, will react and weaken over time!

Companies that do not ensure that you are getting what you think you are purchasing, especially health products as they directly relate to your quality of life, are cheating you at the very core of your existence. It also disappoints me because they give good biological medicine a bad name as people will buy these products and use them for the intended healing event and experience nothing of the like. Then they go off thinking that biological medicine is quackery and most likely will become victims of the dark side of allopathic medicine- especially when it comes to viral and bacterial infections: antibiotics.

Taking this product as you really should at 10ppm it would last only two days and this bottle cost nearly $20.00! For treatment purposes I give my clients 1 to 2 ounces a day!

In general these days it is important to focus on your immune system simply because we have the constant threat of being hit by one of the unknown bacterias that are developing from GMOs – a man in New Zealand has already died from a documented “unknown bacteria” and there will be many more to follow.  It is even more important to boost your immune system while detoxifying because the process taxes the immune system on all levels during the initial stages and then of course boosts it once the detox is actually accomplished.

I will make it a point to test as many products as I can in my lab and share my findings with you, the health consumer in need of effective products, so that you can get the results you are investing in and benefit from authentic biological medicine!  In today’s world your immune system is your lifeline- you are better off making your own colloidal silver.

I will be showing you how to do that this week!

In service we shine…


Genita M. Mason  H.H.P., N.C.
Founder & Medical Director, The BioSanctuary
High Impact Biological Medicine & Environmental Body Burden Detoxication

PS- Got a call from Sovereign Colloidal Silver today – May 14th, 2014. They are going to send me some data as the accuracy of TDS meters have been put into question before regarding their product. What I’m a bit concerned about is that the rep, Theo, said “I would like to settle this amicably rather than any other way”. I asked him if he was threatening me and he said “no”. How would you take that?

What I’m finding as the bottom line here is that there is no real extremely accurate way for the common consumer (except for the fact that I know there are actual dissolved solids in their product which also concerns me) to test the integrity of this product because it would take an Atomic Absorption Analysis Mass Flame Spectrometry test and that piece of equipment is easily 50 to 100k.

So what recourse does the consumer have here to check the integrity of the product they are purchasing? Maybe we should set up some crowdfunding accounts to send “off the shelf” (not the manufacturer’s best possible pristinely made-for-the-lab) products to a truly independent lab.

Again, make your own, it’s the only way of knowing exactly what you are getting.

*May 15th. Sovereign Silver sent me an internally generated document stating that a TDS meter is not an accurate way of measuring Colloidal Silver. Why couldn’t they take a statement from a lab or a university? They have also not posted this document on their website, why not? I’m going to call some labs and see what they say. I’ll keep you posted!

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  • Therese Zeller

    I am so confused after hours of reading on the internet, pls tell me what YOU would recommend on the market today for a pure silver colloid

    August 3, 2014

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