Adam Lanza – Psych Drugs Kill Again

adam lanza - Accused Sandy Hook School Murderer

pic of adam lanza – Accused Sandy Hook School Murderer

In memory of all whom have been murdered at the hands of someone on psych drugs (including their own tragic suicides), and to help create the change that will ensure these senseless killings never happen again, I have decided to take down all the sales links to my book “Green Mental Health Care: How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs” and give this ebook away free from this day forward – forever. This incident has equally enraged me and broke my heart. I can not stand by and watch this kind of madness be unleashed on the most innocent and vulnerable without doing something to try and stop it from happening again. If you download this book and it helps you or a loved one, please consider giving even just a small donation to a non-profit that is pro-Green Mental Health Care and against drugging our children. I promise I will be educating people every chance I get about the connection between psych drugs and these heartless massacres as well as all the other identical crimes against society their illegal cousins inflict. Here is the link – please read it, post and share it every chance you get! You will be helping to save lives! Green Mental Health Care: How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children, 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and his mother today.

It is likely that the tragedy of psych drugs has ripped through us again today. It is already coming out that Adam Lanza, the accused murderer of 20 children, 6 adults and his mother, had ADD and a “personality disorder”. His mental health will be called to blame, and they will minimize the psych drugs that I’m sure are involved here as they have been involved in every mass murder, school shooting since they started drugging our kids. In fact, except for the Texas shooter in the 60’s I think all of them involved psych drugs. These massacres did not start until the drugs were put in the picture.

They keep talking about how “we should stop this from happening again”. They could start by stopping the airing of the psych drug commercials during commercial breaks. Anyone who promotes the drugging of children for ‘mood disorders’ made up by the drug cartel front men; psychiatrists, is part of the problem.

They will go after drug control. Please don’t believe this is a gun control issue. Guns have been around for hundreds of years and kids did not go into schools with them and massacre people until they were put on extremely mind altering drugs.

I’m in tears while I write this. I don’t want this story to be misdirected by the media that makes money from and is part of the problem and then try and attempt to take our guns away – making the gun the problem. The gun didn’t shoot anyone, Adam Lanza, did – and I am certain he was on these drugs like all the rest. Remember Columbine?

My heart goes out to first of course the families that have lost their loved ones, but also to this very ethically depleted world society that continues to allow these drugs in the medical system and also, allows those on them to roam the streets creating innocent victims daily when you consider all the crimes and deaths caused by them: domestic violence, shootings, car accidents, etc.

We have got to stop this madness. Please see the truth through all this and let’s work together to stop this hell we are all suffering with. God does not care if a drug is legal or illegal – man can not change the effects of a drug on the psych and physical health by legalizing it. Look at the tragedies as they stack up – not to mention the daily suffering of those that have lost their loved ones to these drugs while they are living because they become “blank” emotionally; disconnected from the world and from the many diseases and early deaths caused by these drugs.

The war on drugs has made another appearance today and took the lives of 27 people and the quality of life from all that loved them. My heart goes out to you all.

Let’s work together to get these drugs off the streets! Please educate yourselves and take action! and are two excellent truthful information sites that will help you understand this tragedy and figure out what you have to do to help stop future ones that are one their way unless we stop it.

Shine, brothers and sisters, shine!

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C.
Founder & Medical Director, The BioSanctuary
Body Burden Detoxication &
Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration


  • shawna


    December 15, 2012
  • nancy james

    Since the late 1970s, I have been sickened by this practice of children being drugged – sometimes by simply the suggestion of immature and uncredentialled teachers who found them annoying in class.

    I always wondered why parents were so surprised at the prescription drug abuse – they have been force feeding children drugs since age six.

    No child enjoys the altered state – the parents do and condition them to seek it.

    December 16, 2012
  • Desiree

    I am also in tears reading the news and the stories of the children killed in this tragedy. I think of the victims, the terror they must have felt and the parents’ pain. I have two kids and they are both in the age group of the children in that school! Psychiatric drugs wreck so many lives, just think of the chemical straight jackets thousands and thousands of people, including children, are forced to endure endlessly, by irresponsible money hungry pharma! The truth needs to be told and I for one, vow to work to save our loved ones from the endless tragedies of these drugs wrecking lives!

    December 17, 2012
  • Merrygoldz

    Psychiatrists will tel us that “mentally ill people often worsen and some may progress to this state of insanity.”

    That’s a red herring. If that were true, why did we never have these mass killings (except for criminal gangs) until AFTER widespread psychiatric drugs wormed their way into prescription pads, medicine cabinets, and even TV and movie scripts as supposed “solutions” to our troubles.

    These murderers were once only troubled or angry or depressed. People like that have existed forever. Only psych drugs makes them this insane and so alters their reality that they kill children–sometimes even their own.

    December 18, 2012
  • Cindy

    So happy to see others out here on the same page. I deal with the schools and even family members who want to jump to medicating and it just isn’t the answer.

    I’ve opted out of the healthcare system for myself years ago and through some diligent work have not been on any types of medication even though the medical establishment said I’d be battling a chronic issue the rest of my life. Funny how things cleared up once I weaned off the meds and allowed my body and mind to heal naturally.

    This type of dialogue helps us parents out here stay on firm footing and stand our ground when it comes to what we ultimately know is best for our own children.

    Thank you…

    December 19, 2012

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